Tigers is a fun boy/parent program.

In October, the Tigers visited the local radio station.  They had a wonderful time.

The Tiger badge is earned by doing 5 achievements. The 5 achievements are:
    -  Making My Family Special
    -  Where I Live
    -  Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe
    -  How I Tell It
    -  Let's Go Outdoors

Each achievement has three parts; a family activity, a Den activity, and a "Go See It" outing.  Each den activity earns an orange bead.  The family activities earn a white bead.  And a black bead is given for each "Go See It".  (See diagram on the right)

And if there is still time in the year, the Tiger and his parent can work on electives.  For every ten electives completed, the boy earns one yellow "tiger track bead".  Before the tiger track beads can be awarded, the Tiger Badge must be earned.  So electives can be done anytime, and tiger track beads earned will be awarded with the Tiger badge.